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Exploring food and reconnecting with the last few regions where we still eat how we are designed to

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This map below will be my live tracker map as of tomorrow Thursday 17th July 2024!!
I’ll be heading to Copenhagen, Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat and finally Upernavik where I hope to be reunited with my qajaq. Once I’ve kitted it out I’ll be heading off northwards bound for Qaanaaq. A solo journey of 850km. All the details are elsewhere on here – sign up to the newletter for sporadic info but keep an eye on the map here and the IG feed down below and TikTok (same @). Share my journey, tell any media people, book publishers – it all helps to get interest (and sponsorship) for the next adventure!! Thanks for following along!

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The Greenland Expedition.

Join Mike Keen on his epic Greenland expedition!
This July, adventurer Mike Keen sets off on an exhilarating expedition through the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Greenland. Paddling from Upernavik to Qaanaaq and crossing the legendary Melville Bay, a 300km stretch of ice and bears, Mike will navigate some of the most stunning and remote waters on the planet. As he embarks on this challenging journey, you have the unique opportunity to follow his progress in real-time on the Tracker Map.
Witness the thrill, the beauty and the adventure as Mike Keen charts his course through icy waters and pristine wilderness. Stay connected and experience every paddle stroke, every awe-inspiring moment, and every challenge he overcomes.
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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Be inspired by Mike Keen’s passion, perseverance, and the stunning beauty of Greenland.
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Insights into Mike’s travels and the invaluable knowledge he’s collected. 

What to eat now..?

Righto – I’m now well into my final week here in East Greenland and I’d [...]

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    A regular speaker and chef at Food Festivals he is based in Suffolk, England where he has built (and is continually developing) a wild cooking area. Very much available for private events as well – with an emphasis on smaller, bespoke parties and gatherings where the food has to be interesting and slightly different from the norm!

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